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U-trainer Plus

Build Up Your Full body

U-trainer offers 360-degree resistance in all directions, allowing you to target specific muscle groups throughout your body. When combined with the app, you can customize your training schedule according to your personal preferences.

Attach Your Preferred Add-on

Catering to your individual needs, the U-trainer package encompasses six distinct accessories, allowing you to effortlessly switch between workout modes.







Push yourself to the max with 100 resistance levels.

For your daily workout requirements, the U-trainer boasts 100 levels of resistance, delivering a total maximum resistance of 100kg/220lbs.

Easy to Store, Saving Your Space

The 30-pound weight makes the U-trainer easy to carry, whether you are at home, the office, or on a road trip. Your workout never stops. The U-trainer Plus is equipped with two alloy wheels, making it portable.

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Train with Your Digital Coach

The Unitop App provides over 150+ exercises for a full-body workout. You can specify your training target and find the best exercise that suits your needs. Plus, it offers more advanced functions. Download to check it!

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